Have Us Come Speak

We usually will come and minister to your people for a love offering plus expenses paid. This usually means: The Church, Churches or group commit to receive a love offering solely for PinPoint Evangelism. No minimum love offering is expected to be received. The Church can also decide to give a set amount if they like.

All expenses are to be covered by the Church, Churches or group. This includes travel, meals and lodging. If Kerrigan travels by car, gas and food for along the way is expected to be paid for in full from our home base. The Church can also decide to pay for plain tickets, if they want to. If the Church is writing a check, it is to be made out to PinPoint Evangelism. If there are any questions, then please contact us.

There are ALWAYS exceptions to the rule when it comes to money, so please don't hesitate to contact us. We aren't in this for the money. We are here to serve the Body of Christ by training and teaching them how to share the Gospel Biblically.