As a Pastor myself and as a minister in many different positions throughout my Christian life, I know how important it is to protect the flock. After all, as a Pastor, I am accountable to some degree for the condition of my flock. I will have to answer to God for what I taught them, what I allowed others to teach them and how I led them. The Bible makes it clear that there will be many false prophets/teachers in the last days and that we need to protect ourselves and the flock from such people.

As a shepherd of your flock, I know that you want to protect your flock from false prophets/teachers and what they have to say. As a Pastor, I definitely won't let just anybody come in and speak to my Church. I always make sure they have character and integrity to go along with a sound, Biblical message. With all of this in mind, I want to share with you some of the recommendations that I have received along the way. Thank you for taking the time to look at my website and for considering having me come to your Church to train your people in evangelism.

"Kerrigan Skelly pulls no punches in confronting some of the most common false teachings of the 21st Century. He has taken the time to expose wrong teachings 'verse by verse' concerning sin, depravity, grace, atonement, and eternal security through Bible studies that even a layman can understand. Kerrigan has been a resource speaker in our School of Evangelism in Manila and we continue to use his videos and writings annually."

Mitch Metzger
School of Evangelism
Missionary in the Philippines

"Rev. Kerrigan Skelly is a blessing to the church of Jesus Christ. His ministry has been a great encouragement to me and our church. His walk of faith, his servant’s heart, his clear and insightful theological teachings, his innovative use of the internet and new media, and his commitment to boldly declare the gospel on college campuses and secular festivals all over the nation combine to make him a powerful tool in the hand of God and a great example for other Christians to emulate. Thank you, dear brother!"

Pastor Mike Wiley
Hope Church
Fairview, Oregon

"Kerrigan is a faithful preacher of God's word. In a day and age when false prophets are rising up and some teachers have wormed their way in the church to teach that God's grace allows us to live immoral lives, Kerrigan stands in the gap. I consider him as a defender of the Truth and Faith. I know one day Kerrigan will stand before the King of Kings and hear 'well done good and faithful servant enter into the place that was prepared for you from the creation of the world.' May God bless and preserve his servant Kerrigan Skelly"

Joshua Brown
Youth Pastor
Raleigh First Church of the Nazarene

"I just wanted to say, thank God for the work that He is doing through you and John and others. I am learning a ton from the videos you guys do and I pray over you guys daily that God will be glorified through everything you do. I appreciate your dedication and strength in Christ and the shear book knowledge and recall that you guys have. What an awesome gift that the Holy Spirit can use for his benefit. God bless you...."

Email From a Brother in Christ

"You are a blessed man. A preacher of the Gospel. Saved and serving the King, with a beautiful family and your whole life before you. May God continue to Bless you and your family. I really appreciate you Brother. You have highly impacted me with your example and your teachings. Til the nets are Full!"

Email From a Brother in Christ

"On behalf of so many of your brothers and sisters in Christ, thank you so very much for everything you are doing and have done up to this point!!! Sometimes we take for granted the tireless efforts of some of our brothers and sisters across the globe who are preaching the Gospel. You are doing a tremendous work that not many would even dare to undertake and we are sure that God will richly bless you for your labor! Keep up the wonderful work. In Christian love."

Email From a Brother in Christ

"Sir, I have nothing but the deepest of admiration for you, and watching your Nashville New Year's Eve preaching video made me cry. I pray the Lord gives the church many more such men of God as you, and I pray He gives me even a pinch of the boldness that you have to reach the lost. Thank you for your godly example."

Email From a Sister in Christ

"I just want to say again thank you brother again for your faithfulness and just digging in the word for truth. Your website has really helped me alot and encouraged me a whole lot. Peace to you and your family. Love you brother."

Email From a Brother in Christ

"You are a great blessing, dear brother, more than you know. I am blessed by you and your ministry. I am glad to know you. I hope the Lord allows us more opportunity to fellowship together."

Email From a Pastor and Friend

"Thanks Mr. Skelly, you encouraged me to spread the gospel on my campus. Your actions has encouraged me to go out and find people to have one-on-one conversations about the Law of sin and death and how the Law of the Spirit through Jesus Christ freed us from doom. And at the very least I warn them. Praise the Lord!!!"

Comment on a YouTube Video

"Hello, I was on the ASU campus today where you came to speak. I just wanted to say that I appreciated the manner in which you presented yourselves. Though I don't agree with all your points I appreciate your approach. I apologize for some of the immature people on campus. It's embarrassing when students act without knowing their facts. And I appreciate your answering the questions of those who do (and don't) know their Christian Bible. Anyway, fight your good fight. God Bless."

Email From an Appalachian State University Student

"I just want to thank you. Its because of people like you and Mr. Ray Comfort that I have decided to take Way of the Masters Biblical Evangelism course. I love being a Paramedic, but saving someones soul is much more valuable then saving the house it dwells in. You knows, I might just quit my job and witness full time! Thank you so much, even though we have never spoken, you have helped me more then you know. God Bless You!!!"

Email From a Brother in Christ

"We are so grateful to PinPoint Evangelism for coming to our small group and teaching us about sharing our faith. The young people were so inspired that they began looking for opportunities to reach out to others after the training. Our lives have been touched and changed. How can we ignore the cries? An excellent training and teaching that every Christian and Church needs to hear. Thank you, Kerrigan Skelly, for your love and sacrifice."

Angie Nicholson and Family
Seminar Attendees

"You know what I see when I look at this preacher? I see a righteous man standing in the middle of Sodom warning the people they are going to die and they celebrate...keep preaching brother, you are a rare breed. Your christian brothers love you. God bless."

Comment on a YouTube Video

"Mr. Skelly you have strongly influenced me and some of my friends that we may be called to evangelize. You present the Gospel in a firm yet compassionate way and give no compromise when it comes to the Good News, which is exactly how it should be given. I enjoy your clips very much and can see myself doing just that in a few years maybe if God calls loudly enough. Keep on keeping on man."

Comment on a YouTube Video

"I would first like to thank you for coming to my campus about a month ago at The Ohio State University. I know this email is late but I felt that I need to write this. I am grateful that you and John came to my campus. The gospel is exactly what my generation needs as we are constantly being entangled by sin. I watched your open air preaching the days you came and actually talked to John afterward. I'm already a believer and am sold out for Christ but I still learned something by talking with John. I am good friends with Tom Short and I was talking to him when you were preaching, as he was eager to take his spot to preach to the masses. Prior to talking to Tom I was talking with a couple of my christian friends about how you guys presented the gospel and we both were saying "these guys aren't preaching in love". I would like to formally recant that statement and I believe wholeheartedly that you guys were preaching in love and did it well. Tom then said to me "These guys aren't too different from the way I preach". And he was right. People don't want to hear about sin so of course they are going to start attacking you whenever you tell them they are a sinner and need to repent. Rev. Kerrigan, I wholeheartedly am behind your ministry and am going to donate to it. This is exactly what the world needs. We have something they need. THE TRUTH. So I will keep you in prayer as you continue to fulfill the Great Commission. I also visited that dynamic website of yours and plan to use it a lot. Hallelujah!!! God Bless you Rev Kerrigan."

Email From an OSU Student

"Mr.Skelly, my name is XXXXX and I want to thank you and John McGlone for your evangelism on various campuses and other spots where young people hang out. Until about 20 years old I was either agnostic or atheist. Then, at college, God has saved me. Through my own curiosity in the Bible and with help of Christian friends I became convinced that the Bible is 100% true and that Jesus is the savior. Now I am 24 and when I see your evangelism clips they encourage me a great deal. I am guessing that maybe sometimes you might be discouraged when you see a lot of hostile students. But please know that your work encourages me to speak to my family and friends about Jesus."

Email From a Brother in Christ

"Your boldness is a rebuke to me. Praise the Lord for this."

Comment on YouTube Video

"I have been watching your videos brother Kerrigan and they really have taught me how to preach. Your ministry, I just wanted to encourage you, is helping us here in sin city. I hope someday you will come visit us again. I thank the Lord for your videos, that I will continue to use to allow the Lord to teach me to preach. Please pray for me. My desire is that I preach the gospel correctly and be able to talk to people as I preach like you do, that I would have biblcal answers for them"

Email From a Brother in Christ

"Hey there brother,
Just thought you might like to know that I did my first open air today out at UNT. Your videos and many others helped encourage me to start my first open air. I have found a great group of guys who are just as on fire for God as I am, and together we are doing well to spread the Gospel. Just wanted to say thanks for all your videos and keep em coming!"

Email From a Brother in Christ

"I wanted to say thank you so much for your ministry. Your website as well as your you tube videos have had a tremendous impact in my life."

Email From a Brother in Christ

"Thank you. The Lord is really using you. We do open air preaching every Friday at the Alamo here in San Antonio. Your videos are very helpful to me."

Email From a Brother in Christ